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Fit & Fabulous!

30-Day Body Transformation Challenge

Look & Feel 10+ Years Younger In Just 30 Days!

June 1st - June 30th

Simple... Powerful... Effective...

What's YOUR Goal?

  • Weight Loss
  • Lose Belly Fat
  • Lose Arm Fat
  • Look & Feel 10+ Years Younger
  • Increase Energy
  • Increase Strength
  • Reduce Cellulite
  • Firm & Tone


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What Is The 30-Day Body Transformation Challenge About?

It's time to get ready for Summer!

The weddings, the family & class reunions, the beach, the pool, & the get-togethers with friends.

What event do you want to look your very best for?

That's what this 30-Day Challenge is all about!


Just 30 days to a New You!

Your body transformed!!

Now is the time to prepare to impress friends and family at this Summer's get-togethers...

Everyone will want to know what you're doing to look so good!

And our Fit & Fabulous 30-Day Challenge holds the key to your success!

It is a focused effort for 30 days to transform your body.

Weight will be lost, wrinkles diminished, clothes will fit better, you'll have more energy, think more clearly, and be ready for all of this summer's activities.

You'll have the choice of 2 highly effective, proven products to participate with; both are healthy and natural. Choose one or choose both for the biggest transformation impact!

Product purchase is not required to participate, but it is highly recommended!

Meet Our Leaders:

Linda Lindberg

Hi, I'm Linda Lindberg a Wellness Health Educator & Coach. I have 15+ years of experience in the the functional nutrition arena.

My passion is body transformation. Implementing results driven programs to improve quality of life whether it be from lifestyle, weight management or accident/injury. Getting visible and lab test proven results will be yours!

Your body can be transformed! Join me and lets get started to a New You!

Nancy Landa

Hi, I'm a former nursing student, exercise instructor, Alzheimer's family caregiver and currently an entrepreneur striving to get healthier. I'm a life enthusiast that hasn't always made the best health choices in life.  When Linda challenged me with this 30 day challenge, I suggested we open this up to others that want to do it with us because it will a lot more fun seeing others getting results than trying to do it all alone.

I can't wait to see my own transformation and I'm looking forward to cheering everyone else on in this challenge!

In Our 30-Day Body Transformation Challenge
You Will Learn How To:

  • Lose Belly Fat...
  • Quickly & Easily Lose Weight With Delicious Meals...
  • Reduce Or Eliminate Cellulite...
  • Do A Keto Diet The Safest & Healthiest Way...
  • Experience More Energy Throughout The Day Without Afternoon Slumps...
  • Feel Full And Satisfied Without Getting The Munchies...
  • Completely Eliminate Sugar Cravings...
  • Burn Fat For Fuel And Increase Muscle Tone...
  • And So Much More!

By Registering Today, You'll Also Get
These AMAZING Bonuses!

We want you to be well-equipped with everything you need to succeed in this challenge. In addition to the daily training you'll be getting, we've included the bonuses below. These are specifically selected to help you succeed.

BONUS #1: Keto Cookbook

An "accidental" diet discovered in 1924 for treating children with epilepsy turns out to be the fastest & safest way to lose weight. If you've been struggling to lose weight even if you've been exercising regularly, this could be the ONLY solution for you. This cookbook is a collection of 60+ delicious recipes that are easy and fun to make in the comfort of your own home.
keto cookbook
ebook 1

BONUS #2: Age Slower Book

Learn How To Age Slower, by protecting your brain, your looks and your health the right way! It's never too late. Here you will find many techniques and strategies that you can use to reverse damage to your cells, your brain and your joints. A perfect complement for this body transformation challenge!

BONUS #3: Secret Facebook Group

A Workout Method That Can Be Done In Minutes That Can Bring Amazing Results. HIIT (Also known as High Intensity Interval Training) means exercising at an intense pace for a short period, and scientists have found that this workout method is MILES better than a moderate pace workout.
F&F Secret Group

What You're Getting:

  • Daily Video Instructions, Tips & Motivation
  • Access to Expert Nutritionist
  • Weekly Private Group Live Sessions - Get Your Questions Answered!
  • Special Tasty Low Carb Recipes Not Found Anywhere Else!
  • The Power of A Group Effort: Encouragement & Support Versus Going It Alone.
  • Recognition For Achievement
  • And So Much More!

The Bonus Package Recap:

Fit & Fabulous Bonus Package NEW


Register For The Challenge  $99   $7 (Special Beta Test Pricing)

Registration For This 30-Day Challenge Will Close When Time Runs Out Below.
Hurry! Register Today So You Don't Miss Out!

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